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Hello, and welcome to Fly Cheaper!

Hello there! I'm Darren, the proud founder of Fly Cheaper. For more than a decade, I've been immersed in the tech industry right here in Dublin, but my true passion? It's always been travel and the thrill of finding cheap flight deals.

Our Mission

Great flight deals to incredible destinations are popping up every day. With Fly Cheaper, you won't miss out. Our mission is to democratize the world of travel, helping you to fly cheaper and explore more of our beautiful planet. Our intuitive platform and smart algorithm let you discover the best deals in real-time, at your own pace.

How It Works

We rank all flights and show you a rating so you always know whether the price is a good one. Unlike airlines and flight aggregators, we have no incentive to push more expensive flights. We simply want you to find the best deals.

Best of all, Fly Cheaper is a free service, with no sign-ups or hidden fees. And when you find that perfect deal, you'll book directly with the airline.

The Evolution of Fly Cheaper

In 2018, I launched Ireland's first dedicated flight deal newsletter - Flight Club. However, work commitments meant I had to step back from that project. But the spark to help people see the world on a budget never left. Fast forward to the end of 2022, I initiated a new project - Flight Guru. The response was amazing, and based on user feedback and continuous improvements, a more refined and powerful tool was born, Fly Cheaper.

Fly Cheaper isn't just another flight deal email service or a Facebook page. It's an evolution of my passion and efforts to put the knowledge of finding cheap flights into your hands. It stands on the shoulders of its predecessors, but offers so much more.

Join Our Journey

So join us on this journey. Explore the world, fly cheaper, and redefine the way you discover your next adventure. Here's to finding the best flight deals together!